Why TTK?

It’s a widely known fact that with each speeding ticket or traffic violation on you Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) the higher your insurance premiums will go up.

• Each year over 40 million speeding tickets are issued by police officers across the country. That’s over 100,000 per day!

• Most people just pay the money rather than fight their speeding ticket without knowing the real costs that lie ahead, i.e. Insurance rate increase!

• Did you know that more than one traffic violation can cause your insurance to increase 30-50%?

• Did you know the average speeding ticket costs only $178 yet the average insurance increase is $834.

• Did you know insurance companies donate millions of dollars worth of radar and laser equipment to police departments every year, all in an effort to increase you premiums.

• Did you know many tickets are written, not in the name of safety, but simply to generate revenue for the county or municipality.

Bottom Line, cities and municipalities are teaming up with the insurance companies to get in your wallet!


The Traffic Ticket Killer System Uncovers a Surprisingly Simple and Legal way to Beat Your Speeding Ticket only Practiced by Lawyers and People Familiar with the Legal System.

All traffic court systems across the US have one commonality, to strongly encourage all accused citizens to pay their fine and they are free to go. Think about how many times it’s encouraged, the officer probably told you how easy it was to just go online and pay, it’s usually on the back of the citation at least twice, certainly when you go to court you hear it.

Of course you do…

It’s in their best interest to herd you through the process like cattle, collect YOUR money and send you on your way. It’s an unfair, flawed system that’s stacked against you and designed to make people just give up and pay.

The sad part is most people do just that, start writing a check. As a result, the court system puts minimal effort in prosecuting those that are determined to fight.

Fortunately, for you, this creates opportunity for those willing to stand up and fight.

What will I learn from this system?

• Ever been charged with rolling through a stop sign? Learn how to defeat this by making one simple point to the judge. You’d be astonished at how many stop signs in the country are illegal because of this one simple rule.

• Learn what mistakes on a traffic ticket are real Fatal Flaws and what is just rumor that will have the judge, prosecutor, and officer all laughing at you?

• Discover how using the Freedom of Information Act can get your ticket dismissed immediately (and could land the officer in HOT water!)

• Guilty or not, there’s one thing you need to do to avoid (or at least delay) the insurance rate hike that could be coming.

• When is a ticket worth fighting and when is it not worth the hassle? Learn the difference in each so you know the consequences.

• What statement should you never make that infuriates most officers influencing them to give you a field sobriety (breathalyzer) test.

• When should you refuse all tests an officer asks you to take including balance tests, field sobriety tests or any other test.

• In what states has marijuana been decriminalized and where is medical marijuana legal? How much is too much (legally) when it comes to medical marijuana?

• The police can actually seize your vehicle and put it up for sale in certain situations. Find out how that’s possible and how to avoid it.

• What is the one single document that will get any speeding ticket dismissed, every time?

• When is a plea bargain the best way out and when is the prosecutor trying to bluff you?

• Is the judge really doing you a favor by allowing a plea of nolo contrendre? Or is he really doing the system a favor?

• Learn when both officers need to be present, why they never are, and how to use this against them to get out of your speeding ticket.

• Warning: Failing to do this one thing on the back of your ticket could make your case unwinnable.

• Think you can overpay your ticket by a few dollars to trip up the system? Think again, find out the truth behind this myth and how to use it effectively.

• What one thing will the prosecutor and judge encourage you to do that will absolutely kill you case.

• Why is changing your court date a bad strategy and could possibly make it harder to win your case?

• Has an officer ever offered you a reduced speed in exchange for a guilty plea? This is a trick their pulling that can be used against them in court.

• How can you use the bureaucratic red tape to work against the officer and you don’t have to set a foot in the courtroom?

• Learn how to get the best possible plea bargain and most importantly avoid getting points on your MVR.

• Lean when you should pay a photo radar ticket and when you can just throw that ticket in the trash!

• You always have the right to face your accuser (the witness) but what about when the witness is a camera?

• Has a photo radar ticket that came in the mail really been “legally served?”

• Know how many points you get for a speeding ticket or running a stop sign? This can be a serious factor when deciding whether to fight, plea bargain, or just pay up.

• Did you know fighting a ticket in court (and losing) will get you the EXACT same fine as pleading guilty (without a fight)? The judge may lead you to believe it’s a higher fine but that’s only to free up his calendar.

• Got caught by a Laser Gun? In most states this is thrown out with one simple statement to the judge. In others, just ask for a single document that the cop fails to bring to court over 90% of the time.

• Nine out of ten times, field sobriety tests convict innocent drivers of driving under the influence. Find out how to avoid a DUI and win without hiring an attorney.

• Learn how to recognize a lazy inexperienced prosecutor and how to take advantage.



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