Truly Amazing! Using your list of questions, I grilled the cop on the stand for 25 minutes before he finally gave in and said, "Ok, maybe I shouldn't have written the ticket"

-Javier, Nebraska


I got my case dismissed by asking for __________ and the prosecutor didn't have it! Aftterwards, she asked me how I knew that was needed.  I told her that I work for a law firm.  She said, "Oh, that makes sense.  I've never had anyone bring up that point before."

-Tonya R., Michigan


Unbelievable! I almost hired a lawyer for $350 but he couldn't guarantee that I would get off!  That's like paying the ticket twice!

-Michael, Miami


My case was automatically dismissed because the cop didn't show up.  But reading your system gave me the confidence to go into an intimidating court room with a high level of belief that I would win.

 –Marcus P., Philly PA


Thank you! I never thought that I would learn so much about the court system from your books!  It gave me a behind the scenes look at the whole process. 

-Alok, Boston MA


I used your techniques and it worked perfectly! I'll never blindly pay another ticket again!

-Chris T., Sacremento CA



I wish I had your system for the last ticket I got.  For the next one, I'll be prepared or possibly won't even get a ticket because I'll be able to out-smart the cop!

-Antonio, Austin TX


Worked perfectly! No points on my MVR! Thanks! This is the best system out there!

-Raj, Seattle WA



Fast, Easy, and Perfect! I was in and out in 20 minutes and it was so easy.  I'd recommend this system to anyone.

Keith M., Cincinnati OH


This ticket had me stressed out for weeks. Your system explained the whole thing so that I didn't feel quite so helpless!

-Becca, Arizona






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