Truly Amazing! Using your list of questions, I grilled the cop on the stand for 25 minutes before he finally gave in and said, "Ok, maybe I shouldn't have written the ticket"

-Javier, Nebraska


I got my case dismissed by asking for __________ and the prosecutor didn't have it! Aftterwards, she asked me how I knew that was needed.  I told her that I work for a law firm.  She said, "Oh, that makes sense.  I've never had anyone bring up that point before."

-Tonya R., Michigan


Unbelievable! I almost hired a lawyer for $350 but he couldn't guarantee that I would get off!  That's like paying the ticket twice!

-Michael, Miami


My case was automatically dismissed because the cop didn't show up.  But reading your system gave me the confidence to go into an intimidating court room with a high level of belief that I would win.

 -Marcus P., Philly PA


Thank you! I never thought that I would learn so much about the court system from your books!  It gave me a behind the scenes look at the whole process. 

-Alok, Boston MA


I used your techniques and it worked perfectly! I'll never blindly pay another ticket again!

-Chris T., Sacremento CA



I wish I had your system for the last ticket I got.  For the next one, I'll be prepared or possibly won't even get a ticket because I'll be able to out-smart the cop!

-Antonio, Austin TX


Worked perfectly! No points on my MVR! Thanks! This is the best system out there!

-Raj, Seattle WA



Fast, Easy, and Perfect! I was in and out in 20 minutes and it was so easy.  I'd recommend this system to anyone.

-Keith M., Cincinnati OH


This ticket had me stressed out for weeks. Your system explained the whole thing so that I didn't feel quite so helpless!

-Becca, Arizona






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