Satisfaction Guaranteed

Using this system you will NOT:

Testify – You will not take the stand and be interrogated by the prosecutor OR the judge

Lie – You will NOT have to lie to win your case. You don’t need to because you’re going to attack their evidence to WIN.

Prove Your Innocence – You don’t have to prove anything to win you’re case using this system. That’s the prosecutor’s burden.

Argue the facts of your case – This system is built for average people without a law degree and it’s not about going head to head against a lawyer. However, after your case people will think you are a lawyer.

Research boring laws – All the case law you need is provided in the system and a step by step guide is provided with each defense.

Do anything Illegal – Using the methods taught in The Traffic Ticket Killer System will not get you in trouble with the law in any way. This system is about using the courts rules and laws against them to have you case dismissed.

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Is this system for me?

I was caught in a speed trap designed to ticket dozens of drivers. This was unfair. Can I use this system to have my charges dismissed?

YES! There are many tactics in this system that can be applied to your situation. Use them to stand up for yourself and fight your speeding ticket.

I was pulled over for speeding on the way home from dinner after having a few drinks. Will this system help me get out of a DUI?

NO! If you have been arrested for DUI you need to contact an attorney for legal advice. This system does offer information about minimizing DUI evidence against you during a traffic stop but it does not cover strategies once you’ve been arrested.

I don’t want my auto insurance premium to increase just because I got this one lousy ticket. Is this system for me?

YES! Using this system can get your ticket dismissed thus avoiding added points on your driving record and higher auto insurance premiums.

I was clocked going 105mph. Can this system help me get off?

Though there are many tactics within this system that can help you, even possibly get you off, the fact of the matter is this charge is much more serious and could result in jail time. Any time the stakes are this high we recommend hiring an attorney to represent you.

I got a photo ticket in the mail for running a red light. Can I use this system to fight it?

YES! There are many strategies within this system designed to fight these types of tickets. Use these strategies to fight your ticket and WIN!


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