What If I am not happy? Can I get my money back?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase just send an email within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund, 100% guaranteed, no questions asked. 


Does the system come in a hard copy version? 

Currently it does not, however all pdf documents are printable so feel free to print any of the information you like. I suggest printing any documents you may need in court to show the judge or prosecutor. 

Are there recurring monthly fees?

No. This purchase is a one-time fee and your credit card will not be charged again, period. In addition your information will not be sold or distributed to any outside company for any purpose whatsoever. 

Is this legal?

Yes, it’s legal. This system does not suggest you break the law in any way. 

Do I need a legal background to understand this system?

No. The Traffic Ticket Killer System is designed for the average person without courtroom experience. It teaches you everything you need to know about the courtroom, what you can expect at your trial, and how to overcome each possible challenge you may face. Using this system you will be completely prepared for your day in court. 

Is this a safe transaction?

Yes. This transaction is handled through PayPal so your information is kept completely confidential.

Will the techniques in the Traffic Ticket Killer System work in my area (state, county, city, etc)?

Yes. The tactics used here are designed to work in all 50 states. 

What types of tickets does the Traffic Ticket Killer System cover?

All types of speeding tickets, photo radar tickets, stop sign, U-turn, and other minor traffic violations. 

What types of tickets does the Traffic Ticket Killer System NOT cover?

Any serious charge where you are potentially facing jail time, license suspension or pending charges where there’s been a serious accident we recommend hiring an experienced attorney to represent you. Throughout this book defense strategies and tactics to minimize evidence are mentioned however when the stakes are very high the experience of a qualified attorney will shine through.


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